About Me

Joni Stevenson is a Certified Master Teacher through ANG’s Master Teacher Program, a Certified Needlework Judge through ANG’s Judging Program and a Certified Knitting Judge through TKGA's judging program.  

Joni looks for ways to  impart knowledge and expertise to others whether through judging or teaching.  Her judging experience allows her to impart years of knowledge in the needlearts to those with whom she comes in contact.  Judging is a wonderful venue to help others learn how to be better stitchers and knitters.  

Through her teaching, designing and exhibiting experience she brings a thorough knowledge of what great needlepoint looks like.  She has won many awards for her original designs and stitching at ANG National seminars.  She teaches locally, regionally and nationally for both ANG and EGA.

The Chairman of the ANG Master Teacher Program and the Director of the Massachusetts Chapter of ANG, Joni supports ANG through her many years of volunteer work at the local and national levels.

You may view Joni's website at www.jonisdesigns.com
You may learn more about the American Needlepoint Guild, Inc. (ANG) at www.needlepoint.org
You may learn more about the The Knitting Guild Association (TKGA) at www.tkga.com