Friday, March 2, 2012

Open Stitch Pattern Difficulties - Part 3

Step 3 of the Canterbury Cathedral Aisle Vault Pattern
The last set of stitches are again stitched in the backstitch/running stitch style.
Here is Step 3 of the pattern:

Notice that the last stitch on the vertical descent goes down in the same hole that the first stitch on vertical ascent takes place.  I have it diagrammed this way so that you will always be crossing behind the  stitches from Step 2 (between numbers 8 and 9 and between letters h and i), otherwise you will see the thread travel on the back.  If you find that you need to turn from downward travel to upward travel at the same place on the canvas, take a tacking stitch outside of the motif (if it will be covered by other stitches) or take a tacking stitch on the back through a previously stitched thread.  This will allow you to re-enter a hole that you just placed your last stitch in.
To travel from one vertical channel of cross motifs to another you may do one of two things: bring your thread outside of the pattern area or travel on the back, behind stitches on the front, inside of the pattern area.  If the area around the pattern will be covered by another stitch, then you can hide the travel threads there.  Use two pin stitches to maintain the tension after stitching one section and before stitching another section.  This technique was shown in the previous blog.

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